Jun 17, 2019

Active Directory Course

This course shows how to create Active Directory lab in Hyper-V. Though the course is dated, the same principles can be applied to 2019/2016 servers. Download the manual at

Active Directory Lab using Hyper-V Virtualization Platform Training

Adding Hyper-V Role in Windows 10 - Host System

Setting up Virtual Switches in Hyper-V

Installing Windows 2012 Server

Installing Windows 10–64 bit version

Installing Windows 7

File Server Installation – Windows 2012

Installing Router/Firewall using PFSense Opensource Software

Configuring PFSense Router for networking

Promoting Windows 2012 Server to a Domain Controller

Setting Up Static IP in Domain Controller

Add DHCP Role to Domain Controller

Creating a scope in DHCP server to hand out IPs to clients

Joining Windows 7 to Domain

Joining Windows 10 to Domain

Adding FileServer to Domain

Exporting, Saving, and creating Checkpoints for all VMs

Protect you host computer using PFSense

GPO - Example 1: Set Wallpaper on all systems in the domain.

GPO - Example 2: Add Domain Groups to Local Administrators Group

GPO - Example 3: Enforce Security Policies - Timeout and Event Logging